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SQL Server 2019 download

SQL Server 2019 download

Table of Contents

SQL Server 2019 download ,Install and Configure  on Windows or Linux. SQL Server 2019 delivers major improvements like integrated machine learning and enhanced security. You may download, install, and configure SQL Server 2019 on either Windows or Linux using the detailed instructions in this manual.

Why do you prefer SQL Server 2019?

New features in SQL Server 2019 make it possible for businesses and developers to create the newest wave of intelligent applications. Key advantages consist of:

  • Performance that is up to 5 times faster than prior versions
  • built-in machine learning and AI – Directly operationalize models in SQL Server
  • Row-level security, Always Encrypted, and other enhancements to security
  • Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or across environments with hybrid cloud capabilities.
  • Run on Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu in addition to Windows to support Linux

With a combination of incredible speed, security, and machine learning, SQL Server 2019 offers significant improvements to one of the world’s most iconic database platforms.

Editions of SQL Server 2019

To meet a range of demands, SQL Server 2019 is offered in a few distinct editions:

Edition Description
Developer Free development and test edition
Express Free lightweight entry-level option
Standard Main enterprise edition with full capabilities
Enterprise Advanced enterprise features like in-memory OLTP

The majority of businesses will select Developer for app development or Standard/Enterprise for production deployments. Visit the Microsoft SQL Server Downloads website and download the appropriate edition.

Installing Requirements

In order to install SQL Server 2019, make sure your machine satisfies the following minimal requirements:

  • Hardware: A 64-bit 2 GHz or higher CPU, at least 4 GB RAM, and 3 GB of storage space
  • Software: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 or Windows Server 2016 or 2019.

The best performance is obtained with a multi-core processor, lots of disk space, and RAM. Before installation, update all of your system’s drivers and firmware.

SQL server 2019 Downloading 

  • Go to Microsoft’s website to download SQL server 2019:
  •  Choose “SQL Server 2019” and download the EXE file :

sql server 2019 download selection

  • Double click on downloaded EXE file to get ISO file to install
  • Select download media 


download sql server 2019 options

  • Download ISO File

sql server 2019 download


download sql server 2019 in process

Putting in on Windows OS

To install SQL Server 2019 on a Windows OS like Windows Server 2016/2019, follow these instructions:

  1. The SQL Server Installation Wizard can be launched by mounting the ISO file and running Setup.exe.
  2. Select New SQL Server stand-alone installation on the Installation screen.
  3. If you are installing a licensed edition, enter your product key. For free development, use the Developer edition.
  4. Click Next after reading and accepting the licensing conditions.
  5. On the Feature Selection page, choose Database Engine Services and any additional features you want.
  6. Specify the installation location, file paths, and other settings, as well as a named instance if necessary.
  7. Specify a password for the system administrator (sa) login and select SQL Server authentication.
  8. On the Ready to Install screen, confirm your options before clicking Install to start the installation.
  9. In a few minutes, the procedure will be finished. SQL Server’s installation and configuration are verified on the Installation Complete screen.

Install on Linux 

Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE, and other Linux distributions are supported by SQL Server 2019. For Linux installation:

  • Extract the installation archive’s compressed file into a directory.
  • Run the installation program:./
  • When prompted, accept the license agreement.
  • Developer, Standard, or Enterprise are the available editions for installation.
  • Utilize the mssql-conf tool to configure SQL Server after installation.
  • Select features like file locations, memory restrictions, and TCP ports.
  • Use systemctl status mssql-server to confirm startup.
  • The Linux installation is now complete. You can now connect and begin building databases.

Configuration after Installation

Following SQL Server installation, it is advised to:

  • Install the newest service packs and updates for SQL Server.
  • Open firewall ports to permit remote connections.
  • Create database users and logins.
  • Create backup maintenance schedules
  • Optimize the memory’s indexes and configuration for performance

By improving these areas, you can guarantee a smooth implementation of SQL Server.

Selecting a File Format

The file arrangement for database files is a crucial choice. To improve performance and control space, you can segregate User Databases, Log files, Temporary Databases, and backups onto different disks or volumes.

An illustration of a file layout for a SQL Server instance with distinct volumes for data, logs, temporary databases, and backups is shown below:

C:\ (OS drive)
D:\ User Databases (.mdf, .ndf)
E:\ Log Files (.ldf)
F:\ TempDB (.mdf, .ldf)
G:\ Backups (.bak)

This kind of segregated file architecture enables scaling and optimization of storage performance.

Making Your SQL Server Secure

Security is essential because sensitive data powers everything from e-commerce to healthcare. the following recommendations:

  • Change your default password to a strong one.
  • Reduce network exposure by not opening unused ports
  • Enable encryption by using TLS connections and encrypting data Limit user access by granting only the minimal amount of permissions
  • Install patches and service packs and the most recent updates.
  • Defense in depth is achieved by combining configuration hardening with inherent functions like Always Encrypted and row-level security.


You may install and set up SQL Server 2019 on Windows or Linux systems by following the instructions in this article. After that, you’ll be equipped to build databases, import data, and begin developing applications.

In order to ensure that you make the most of the potent new additions in SQL Server 2019, Microsoft offers substantial documentation and resources.

Questions and Answers

What are the primary SQL Server 2019 editions?

Developer (free), Express (free), Standard, and Enterprise are the four primary editions. Limited functionality is offered for development/testing and minor workloads by Developer and Express, respectively. Options with all features include Standard and Enterprise.

What Linux distributions is SQL Server 2019 compatible with?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu are all supported by SQL Server 2019. It can also be installed on other open-source Linux variants.

What is a SA login, and why is it crucial?

The system administrator account for SQL Server by default is called sa. Following the concept of least privilege and changing the default sa password are smart practices.

How can I make SQL Server accessible from a distance?

By enabling the TCP/IP protocol in SQL Server Configuration Manager and allowing ports like 1433 in the Windows or Linux firewall, remote connections can be made.

Is Linux and Windows’ installation procedure the same?

Between Linux and Windows, the installation procedures are similar but not identical. On Linux, a setup script is executed as opposed to a wizard. Also unique are configuration tools like mssql-conf.

Do transaction log files need to be stored on a different drive?

Yes, performance can be enhanced by putting log files on a different drive. Compared to user data files, logs have extremely different I/O patterns.

Which 2019 SQL Server edition should developers use?

The entire functionality for creating and testing applications is available in the free Developer Edition. It cannot be utilized for production; only for development.

How frequently should I update SQL Server?

To keep your deployment safe and current, it is advised that you swiftly install all significant SQL Server upgrades, service packs, and hotfixes.

Where can I get the SQL Server 2019 documentation?

For all SQL Server versions, Microsoft offers comprehensive documentation including tutorials, how-to guides, and references at

What resources are available to me to track SQL Server performance?

Performance Monitor, Extended Events Profiler, Query Store, and third-party tools are all useful monitoring tools. Baselines aid in tracing the evolution of resource use.With a combination of incredible speed, security, and machine learning, SQL Server 2019 offers significant improvements to one of the world’s most iconic database platforms

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